"Developing students of the game, for life"








Circles mission is to train 14 players ages 12-14, starting 2019, and give them the opportunity to join a developmental beach volleyball program with a four year vision!  This is a first of a kind 'team' approach to beach volleyball. We're taking the NCAA framework and infiltrating it into Circles so that players develop and build upon a strong biomechanical foundation, understand how to maintain a healthy athletic body and mind, learn to play with multiple partners, and most importantly function as a TEAM where the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack! 

Program highlights;

  • Learn the game with a small group to play and develop together!

  • Drills to improve volleyball biomechanics

  • Informative feedback on performance

  • Strength, speed, and power training 

  • Yoga for athletes to reduce stress, prevent injury, improve performance




Circles Beach Volleyball philosophy


Learn the movement patterns for each skill, which make the game look and feel so effortless: serving, passing, blocking, pulling, digging, hand setting & bump setting, hitting and shots, This simple science of biomechanics allows for maximal effectiveness with least amount of energy expenditure.



Discover a system for playing the game where you can play with any partner on your team; both on the left and right side. To fully understand the game one must learn how to play offense and defense on both sides of the court.  Through utilizing known systems both partners can function as a unit. The systems originate from the geometry of playing with a round ball inside a rectangle.



Develop strategies to play against your opponents with efficiency and grace. This is to utilize a specific team strategy which both partners can effectively execute against the opponents.



Eventually with mastery discover what it feels like to play in a state of flow; completely focused and present as if everything is happening in slow motion and in perfect harmony. To move with neutral mechanics, using a system with your partner, to execute a strategy against your opponents all while being immersed into a thoughtless state is our highest goal. This is the self mastery of beach volleyball. 


Testimonials for Coach Chris Law

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 different kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

-Bruce Lee

South Carolina 

Chris has been an amazing coach and mentor to me over the past several years at San Diego Beach Volleyball Club.  He is extremely energetic and passionate about life, which definitely rubs off onto others in a positive manner.  Chris truly cares about developing a relationship and connecting on a personal level with each and every one of his players/students. He has opened my eyes and educated me tremendously about the game of beach volleyball and is truly committed to his players and students. With Chris’ knowledge, support, coaching, and fitness training, he has served as a major factor in my ability and decision to play Division I beach volleyball at the University of South Carolina.

University of Hawaii 

Chris Law was my coach at SD Beach from when I was 14 to 16 years old and during those years he impacted my life greatly. He was far more than a coach to me.  He has a passion for sharing his knowledge with those around him.  He made SD Beach a wholistic program that contained volleyball, workouts, yoga, and giving back to the community.  He has an immense amount of knowledge about volleyball with a strong focus on detail and biomechanics.  He ran beside us in our workouts encouraging us to push ourselves to be the best we could.  He taught us the strengths and benefits that yoga and meditation has in our sport and life itself.  He stressed the importance of giving back with planting trees in our area and dedicating a day to passing out flowers to strangers. Chris Law has a contagious energy and love and has inspired me and others in many ways. 

U19 FIVB 5th in World

Chris began coaching me at 12 years old when I started playing for San Diego Beach Volleyball Club.  He’s been right with me through my college recruiting, tough losses, good wins, and break-through moments.  I remember at my very first practice, Chris put us through a workout so hard that I thought I was going to have to quit the club.  I grew to really appreciate the workouts though, especially the challenging “weekend warrior workouts” we did, because they improved my athleticism and overall fitness.  I went from struggling to jog in the sand to sprinting across the court digging balls.  Chris taught me the skills and biomechanics of beach volleyball too.  He placed a big emphasis not only on the science of beach volleyball movement patterns, but also on being well-rounded athletes through our workouts, yoga sessions, and focus on mental strength. Now that I do Circles with Chris, my fitness and self-awareness has further improved.  At Circles the workouts are centered on functional fitness, so they really help me with beach volleyball.  I love being able to practice yoga too because I feel super connected with myself and it’s great injury prevention.  Circles allows me to work on the mental aspect of life and volleyball as well.  I’ve really been able to get in touch with myself because of Circles and I think everyone should have that experience.

U19 HS World Champion

I have been with Chris Law for 6 years now. I started beach volleyball with Chris as my coach at age 12 and he taught me the game making me the player I am today, but also so much more. I have learned so much from Chris as my coach, trainer, and yoga instructor. His wisdom is something that has impacted my life for the better. Chris' emphasis on fitness, yoga, health/nutrition, and spirituality is something that is one of a kind and you won't find anywhere else. I'm lucky to have Chris in my life currently in circles academy. Circles is a place where I can greatly improve my fitness level for volleyball and practice yoga. The workouts are tough and always challenge me. They add variety to my weekly weight training routine with different exercises that focus on strength, core, and cardio. These workouts definitely take me to the next level in volleyball and allow me to strive for optimal fitness. Chris shares so much insight and mentors me through any areas in my life that I need to improve. I see circles as a safe and positive place to work on myself for all aspects of my life.