I began to develop an awareness of the mind/body connection in 1984 at the age of 4 with Isshinryu Karate.   As a martial arts instructor, I spent many years teaching both children and adults, helping them build confidence, self-discipline, and explore their own mind/body connection.  In 2002 I was drawn into the study of yoga, which embodies many of the fundamental concepts and practices of the martial arts.


In August of 2011, I sustained a serious back injury.  Refusing surgery and only accepting the minimum amount of medication needed to control the pain, I drew upon my significant wealth of alternative resources and began a successful healing process.  


During this time, I stumbled upon the hoop, and realized a new passion.  Hoop dance is a mixture of all the mind/body disciplines plus music and dance, two other favorite hobbies, and uses the ancient circular toy in the most fascinating ways.   For me, hoop dance was instrumental in accelerating the healing process, which went far beyond the doctors’ expectations.


Since recovering I have been traveling, teaching, crafting, and spreading the hoop culture to children and adults home and abroad.   I am a certified Hoopnoticica teacher currently preparing to be a Hoopnotica Master Trainer with over 500 hours of teaching time, specializing in pure mechanics and concept application.   I am also an AFAA certified group exercise instructor and trained in the Radiant Child Yoga Program studying with the world renowned children’s teacher Shakta Khalsa.