Marcy Llamas Senese


Marcy Llamas Senese, PhD has been a college faculty member and administrator for over 20 years. During her career, she taught expository writing, literature and grammar to undergraduate and graduate students. Marcy regularly advised traditional-age and adult students in course selection and choosing a major. She also designed writing programs, coaching faculty in assignment design for a variety of disciplines. Her love of students of all ages led her to teach creative writing to elementary, middle and high school students, mostly in after-school settings. Marcy’s most recent venture is the co-founding of Semper Sursum (“Always Aim High”), a college counseling and prep service for high school students and their families. Whether in the classroom or meeting with families in their homes, Marcy’s passion is her students—helping them harness their intellectual and creative abilities to reach their goals. You can read more about Marcy’s credentials on her Semper Sursum web site: