Kimberly Joy


Kimberly has a deep desire to give back to others what yoga has given to her.  She received her Master’s degree in physical therapy in 1997.  Soon after, she began to personally experience the role of yoga, meditation and self-awareness in mind-body healing.  After practicing several more active types of yoga, such as Bikram and prana vinyasa flow, she was introduced to restorative yoga in 2004.  Kimberly immediately resonated with the vast healing it provided.  She began her study of Anjali Restorative yoga in 2005.  Through this nurturing, mindful restorative practice, her knowledge and love of yoga and meditation continued expand, calling her to teach.  She was certified as a teacher of Anjali Restorative Yoga in 2007. In 2009 she began assisting her teacher, the founder of Anjali, with teacher trainings.  


Kimberly’s classes provide a space for profound rest, rejuvenation, healing and transformation.  By supporting the body with bolsters and blankets and supporting the mind with a gentle, uplifting guided meditation there is the creation of intentional rest, allowing students to tap into their own innate healing wisdom and evolve into the fullness of themselves.


Kimberly has had the opportunity to study with several gifted teachers; Shannon Paige Schneider, Judith Lasater, Roger Cole, Douglas Brookes and several others.  She continues to take workshops, read and explore many aspects of yoga, meditation, consciousness work and mind-body healing.