Jutta Hecht

Her journey into Yoga and Ayurveda started in the mid 80's after experiencing severe symptoms of burn-out, addiction, and eating disorders. With a burning desire to find out "If there was something more to life" she moved to India and trained there for five years in authentic yoga and Ayurveda including with A.G. Mohan as one of his first teacher trained Western students.


She continued to then work in numerous Ayurvedic clinics before returning to the West.


In the past 25 years she has taught classes in Ayurveda and yoga, led training seminars in Germany, India, and California as well as offering practical Ayurvedic treatments and consultations regarding lifestyle and diet.


Today, she lives in Encinitas, and draws more than ever upon the profound wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga, which helps in balancing her busy and responsible lifestyle, and guiding and serving her clients through a unique processs. She is also a single mother who is lovingly dedicated to raising her two amazing boys, and continuing her journey of wholeness, love, joy, clarity, passion and lifelong studies.