Jennifer Phillips


Jennifer Phillips is a communication specialist who enjoys working with individuals, groups and couples and has a passion for teaching Compassionate Communication to women and parents. She combines two powerful techniques, The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), a process that helps people understand the power of thinking styles in personality, leverage personal strengths, and reduce struggle within relationships, and Compassionate Communication aka NVC), a process that offers simple, yet effective communication tools that deepens connection and restores workability within relationships.



Jennifer has studied privately with NVC Master and Communication Specialist Bill

Stierle as his protege for over 3 years and has completed several NVC courses as well as the 2014 ITT (International Intensive Training) with Certified NVC Trainers.



What is Compassionate Communication?



Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication, begins by assuming that we are all compassionate by nature and that our unintended and often violent strategies (i.e., blame, shame, and criticism) - whether verbal or physical - are learned behaviors taught and supported by our prevailing culture.



Compassionate Communication also assumes that we all share the same basic human needs, and that each of our actions are a strategy to meet one or more of these needs. People who practice the principles of compassionate communication have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepened connection and peaceful conflict resolution.



Compassionate Communication will provide you with practical tools to:



● Listen so others are really heard

● Transform internal conflicts and judgments of yourself and others

● Get what you want without using demands, guilt or shame

● Hear the needs behind what anyone does or says