Herb Tanzer

Dr. Herb Tanzer is an internationally recognized leader of cutting edge, transformational programs, renowned for his mastery in delivering and designing levels of training and coaching known to consistently produce exponential results in the areas of leadership, innovation, effectiveness and high performance.

Dr. Tanzer’s corporate clients include some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies: Lucent Technologies, Pfizer, Amgen, Oracle, Eli Lilly, Raytheon, Citizens National Mortgage, and Siemens.

Immersed in the field of training and development since the 1980s, he has designed and delivered corporate workshops and seminars that empower professionals, managers, and senior executives in leadership, communication, teamwork, partnership and entrepreneurial endeavors. In the last twenty-eight years, Dr. Tanzer has coached tens of thousands of people from diverse cultures.

Being of strong contention that suffering through training is overrated, learning opportunities are maximized by virtue of his signature style lacing laser-like insightfulness with humorous sagacity.

Dr. Tanzer graduated Phi Kappa Phi with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine with distinction from Cornell University in 1956. As recipient of the prestigious Borden Award, he was honored for being first in his class throughout the four-year curriculum, 25 years in successful clinical practice followed during which time Dr. Tanzer lectured internationally in addition to serving as a research consultant at several prominent research institutions.

Dr. Tanzer has hosted his own television show on CNN, and subsequently worked with the NBC and ABC networks. He is a published author and sought after speaker.