Chris Law

Hi my name is Chris Law. Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up on the beach surfing and playing volleyball. With an interest in psychology and exercise science I received a kinesiology degree from CSUSM. After which I got my personal training certification from American Council on Exercise. Loving training the body I started Ilovefit - a structured program to help clients achieve their fitness goals.  I've trained models and wrote diet and exercise programs for leading health and fitness bloggers. Through guiding hundreds of clients over the years I realized what people thrive on is accountability and structure!
I retired from training in 2011 to put all my energy into coaching and directing the San Diego Beach Volleyball Club.  In the span of five years we coached thousands of kids as we watched the sport skyrocket into the NCAA.  During this time we created and tested our holistic approach to volleyball which incorporated sports specific training, biomechanics for volleyball, yoga, and nutrition. We also created mantras for all the skills of the game and systems and strategies to enable players to enter a psychological state of flow. Our efforts paid off. Within five years we had won every national championship in the USA.  Seventeen of those players went on to play beach volleyball in the NCAA.  

I met Ashlee early in 2014. Our backgrounds synced beautifully: her being a holistic health coach with a love for self development, cooking, and writing, and my enthusiasm for fitness, yoga, and self mastery.  We share a strong meditation practice, a love for reading, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

After years of learning, training, and coaching we brought it all together to formulate Circles beach volleyball club.





Ashlee Law

I grew up amongst miles and miles of pristine countryside in rural Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  After obtaining a Communications degree from St. Vincent College and an Environmental Safety Management degree from Slippery Rock University, I moved to Pittsburgh to begin my professional life. Much like today's traditional career path, I began in a corporation where I assumed I would "climb the ladder" to something that would pay more or look more impressive as my job title on a business card. In my first year I managed and trained over 1,000 employees, had fun doing it, but then quickly realized that there may be another path for my life. I learned that in order for me to enjoy my career, I would need to feel like I was aligned with the things that I loved and thus feel purposeful in what I was doing. After much time searching for what that was, I came to the understanding that I was inspired by watching people transform their lives.


So in 2013, this realization along with my inherent love for health led to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became a certified Holistic Health Coach. Through the transformative work set forth within my education, I discovered that my path was on the other side of the country, 2,500 miles away from home. I repeated the motto, "jump and the net will appear" not fully understanding why I was receiving such a strong message to make such a drastic change. I jumped nonetheless and was led almost magically from Pittsburgh to Encinitas. Within the first month, I met the love of my life, Christopher. 


I live a healthy, homemade, and natural lifestyle in our beautiful cottage by the ocean. By applying the principles of the Circles program in my own life, I am the fittest I've ever been physically, mentally and spiritually.