Elli Ho

Who am I?

I am.


I distinctly remember pondering the meaning of life whilst sitting on my potty. This set an interesting life trajectory, as we all know: "Ask and you shall find."


​After ​n​early 4 decades I've found a variety of answers during my​ training in public health, quantum physics,  energy medicine, yoga, meditation, spirituality, shamanism, psychology, chi-running and holistic nutrition, and yet it wasn't until my Dark Night of the Soul experience that I found my direct connection to Source (aka Universe, God, Love, Light...etc).


Being stripped of all forms of identity, I needed a miracle to guide me through the pain and loss of severing all ties with my family.I slowly awakened into my true authentic self.


At this time Ho'oponopono came into my life. Yes, there are 6 o's in that word! Originally this ancient Hawaiian practice was ceremonially used to restore harmony and healing within a community​. ​W​hen this modernized 4-phrase process is practiced individually, it is like a super power vacuum cleaner, not only in our own​ energetic field, but for​ our globe. Sharing the transformative experience of ho'oponopono with individuals, the community, and organizations is one of my greatest joys in life!

Aside from applying​ Ho'oponopo daily, I spend a huge proportion of my time in the kitchen, exploring and researching ways to bring healing to our physical bodies using nutrition as medicine. As a certified holistic nutritionist,​ I work with cancer patients, autoimmune disorders, all gut-related ailments and those who are done with brain fog, stress, and chronic aches and pains (aka. systemic inflammation).


I am also finishing up a book called,​ "The Story Doesn't Matter, Decoding your Life's Hidden Meanings",which is ​a behind the scenes look of the reality show we ​called: life.


All of this and more is​ served with a side​ portion of quantum-grown kale, endless curiosity and humor at elliho.com.