Elizabeth Goodman

Elizabeth Goodman is today’s answer to reviving the feminine spirit in a world that requires women to wear too many hats at once. 

She celebrates all that women have to offer while playing on a man’s playground. The evolution of today’s female requires a new understanding and a resurrection of respect. She convincingly impresses upon us that women in their forties, fifties, and sixties are just coming into wholeness. This is best exemplified in some of today’s  tribal  communities. Her lectures in relationships with others, with ourselves and with the universe in general, assist women in understanding the significance and beauty that lies in the privilege of acquiring timely experience on this planet.

She continues to coach the leaders of this world (corporate clients have included Amgen, Lucent Technologies, Goldman Sachs, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Oracle, and The YPO) so that they may better understand the role and needs of women today. Her skills are regularly employed by leading male and female corporate executives. Through her presentations, women come to understand men and men understand women better. Consequently the work environment benefits, the home environment benefits, and the world at large will ultimately benefit if Elizabeth has her way.

She is the author with Arielle Ford of The Owner’s Manual  for Lovers, a handbook for relationships. Her second book, The Princess and The PMS was recently published and is a favorite among men and women coping with the temporary insanity of pre-menstrual   syndrome.  She has also released her first CD, a compilation of songs to make love by.

She resides in Cardiff by The Sea, California with her husband and partner of 25 years Dr. Herb Tanzer and their malti-poo,Bella.