"Circles has truly impacted my life in a huge way. It is a place I can go throughout the week where there are people who love and care for me other than my family. It is a group of very different people that all come together and support each other. It is a group of people that learn and grow together. Most people when they hear about Circles will just think about exercise and yoga. But it's not just that, it is truly about the people we do it with and the bond we all have together. Circles has definitely changed my life and I can not imagine who I would be without these people in my daily life."
-Natasha, 15 year old Circles member

"We feel something bigger is going to happen and Circles is the start. It's what brought us closer to our true potential
our pathways to finding the peace in life.

We must not search for health and peace and love in others but  first ourselves. We see so much wisdom from Chris and Ashlee like you are here to mentor us because we are lost and once we find ourselves in this world we come closer to who we actually are inside these bodies."-
Sophie, 18 year old Circles member


"It's really good life skills teaching because I've been able to open my eyes in just three days to some kind of thing that I've never really focused on." -Hunter, 16 year old Circles member

"I just wanted to take a minute to express gratitude to you both for the amazing influence you guys and Circles Academy has on Izzie. I have always thought she's a pretty amazing kid but instead of experiencing the typical teenage years that everyone warns moms of daughters about, I'm experiencing this incredible journey with her as she is learning about herself, who she is and who she wants to be. She is a daily inspiration to me and I could not be more proud.  Thank you both sincerely for guiding her along this journey in the most kind way.  Namaste friends" -Linda, parent of Circles member

"I really want to complete my goals and work toward them so I can live an even better life.
Even though it's hard work it's so worth it because the feeling I have after working out, yoga, eating good food, and drinking a lot of water makes me feel so amazing and it's worth feeling like that everyday."
-Chloe, 14 year old Circles member

"Before I came here I was a little bit hesitant and wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it or not but then when I came here I realized my dream. It didn't really click before but when I was writing about it I realized what I want to do with my life." -Kat, 15 year old Circles member