Celeste Paceno

Celeste has a natural gift of spiritual healing-the ancient art of laying on of hands. Her spiritual journey has evolved over 50 years of being guided by a benevolent force in the universe.  A journey that has required personal healing from life tragedies

and learning the true art of forgiveness.  


The spiritual energy of the “Violet Flame” is a transformational vibration of energy affecting our bodies and our spirits and able to heal the root causes of illness, releasing karma and awakening spiritual gifts of spirit.  This violet healing energy from God knows what is required and what needs healing, so by removing any ego attachment to an outcome, allows this Divine force to do the true healing.  In that spirit there have been many healings and miracles over the past 25 yrs.


Celeste also has been rescuing dogs to be used as “Therapy Dogs”.  For the past 20 years we have served many facilities and organizations:  The Humane Society, Palomar Hospital, The Polanski center for abused children, Life Care Center, various assisted living facilities and Hospice. The first of its kind, a working partnership using Celeste's healing ability and Therapy Dogs offering assistance, love and healing and smiles wherever we go!


We are certified: Hospice, Healing Touch International, Reiki Master, Therapy Dog Inc.