Alyssa Rodas


There was a young woman named Alyssa who dreamed of living down south on an uncrowded beach, eating fish tacos and surfing while her children frolicked on the beach. Living in a town where the norm is communal dinners full of fresh vegetables, rice and the daily catch. Families watched the sunset together and shared their dreams for the future. Dreams of synchronizing their passions with natural talents that ultimately led them to a career that was truly fulfilling.


That's me! I've always been a dreamer and guilty of starting ten projects but only finishing one. I've come to peace with this and attribute my eclectic style and interests to this commonly perceived downfall. A couple major accomplishments for me have been earning a B.S. in Spanish Language and Culture then raising my three young children {Eva 9, Zé 8 and Benicio 2.5}. To be honest, motherhood wasn't what I had envisioned but life has a funny way of surprising us and giving us what we NEED not what we WANT. My conclusion is that motherhood is the ultimate way to speed up our spiritual development {aka: deal with our glaring personal crap.


I love to cook. I love to surf. I love to hear other people's "stories". I trust everyone has a purpose here on Earth. I believe we all have natural talents and dreams that once tapped and shared with others will make that purpose clear. This site is all about uncovering my purpose and that happens to include stuff like "Peace, Love and Oils". Stuff that teaches "peace" within myself, "love" for this journey I am on and "oils" because its one of my passions {helping others feel better and discover their own purpose}. For more natural family support visit Healthy Child Network where I collaborate with other Moms and share my two cents on integrating essential oils into the family routine.