Brenda Cesena & Ryan Pavlechik

The Greenest Juice
Optimal Organic Nutritional Foods



In 2003, Brenda (B.S.) studied and worked with Dr. Royal Bombay ND. Through his mentorship, she discovered the original way to make therapeutic juices and other nutritional therapies. It was here that Brenda also learned the art and principles of food combining to maximize bioavailability. Later, in 2008, she began meal planning for infants focusing on when and how to introduce new foods to insure a nutrient profile to optimize growth and development.


In 1999, Ryan (M.S. AT. CPT. PNS) began working as an athletic trainer for college athletes, traveling with 6 different men and cross training programs. This experience fueled his interest in how exercise and nutrition affects in season and offseason performance. In 2001, Ryan shifted his focus to physical therapy, personal training and health coaching where he learned the nutritional challenges of the the sedentary, the injured and the aging athlete as well. Today and for the last 14 years, he has worked with hundreds of athletes and nonathletes implementing mindful exercise, mobility and nutritional programs based on the rigors of what they are training for.


Over the years, in their search for the healthiest foods for themselves, their family and their clients, Brenda and Ryan were continually met with foods that were not good enough, not optimally prepared, foods that could be made infinitely more healthy with a greater attention to detail by not only a more skilled hand but also with more love and care. In 2015 Brenda and Ryan created The Greenest Juice to share the optimal nutritional products they have been making to keep themselves and the people in their lives the healthiest they can be.