Lisa Marie McKay


Lisa Marie Mckay, M.A., is the founder of Organize2Balance. Lisa Marie is passionate about creating personal & business spaces that support & enrich us. She is absolutely certain that when our living/working spaces & practices support us, life is even more amazing, abundant & wonderful.


Lisa Marie draws upon the harmonious disciplines of Classical Feng Shui & Space/Clutter Clearing to balance, clear, optimize & heal the energies in clients' environments whether they're business, commercial or home spaces.


Lisa Marie has been fortunate over the years to encounter a variety of corporate, consultation & educational career opportunites that have sharpened her Feng Shui, Space Clearing & Space Organization skills.


As a certified Classical Feng Shui practitioner, Lisa Marie provides individualized space healing solutions to enhance favorable energies, remedy unfavorable energies & factor in her clients' visions & desires.


Lisa Marie's sincerest wish is you realize the remarkable value of incredible YOU & invest in your happiness, well being & growth.


Contact (760-274-7234) to begin your expansive journey to simplify, balance & thrive.