Circles Beach Volleyball Club

Circles is a holistic club for junior high and high school girls who love beach volleyball and are committed to reaching their potential. With over 10,000 hours coaching and an exercise science degree, Chris Law has created a structured coaching system which is founded on teaching beach biomechanics. And being a boutique club each player receives significant personal coaching in the areas of biomechanics, fitness, nutrition, and yoga while being in a positive, focused, and fun culture.
More than just a club, Circles is a roadmap to success for beach volleyball! 

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The clubs built-in fitness program keeps the girls in shape year round. And with our own performance trainer players will be in peak performance for the national championships! 

“Fitness is our foundation”



Our bodies are built from the food we eat and our thoughts and emotions are affected as well. So that the athletes may play optimally, we train them how to eat and hydrate at practice and tournaments.

Yoga Mats


The club practices yoga several times per week at the end of practice to develop their connection with movement and breath. The poses are specific for the needs of a beach volleyball player.

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Biomechanics are how the body moves during each skill. With over 10,000 analyzing the movements of the game we’ve found the most efficient ways to move the body to get maximal control over the ball. Within the Circles Coaching System we use specialized verbal cues called mantras, video analysis feedback, and consistent biomechanical coaching, so that each player is given a clear roadmap for personal growth.  

Elements of Circles

  •  We are the ONLY club with a Coaching System

  • ALL coaching is 100% based on Beach Biomechanics 

  • We’ve created a Team environment where players can focus on personal development

  • A built in Fitness program  

  • Once a week Yoga practice to prevent injury, improve concentration and muscle pliability.

  • Nutritional counseling for both tournaments and daily life 

  • And EVERY player given a personal Roadmap to measurable growth and held accountable by their practice and tournament statistics!

Circles Difference 




Jr. High/High school girls

September 6th - December 22nd

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays


Saturdays clinics


Includes workout, statistics, & yoga


***practice times will change with daylight savings to 3:30pm-6pm***



Jr. High/High school girls

May 16th - August 12th

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays


Circles Club is for high level U14 to U18 girls who want to train and compete for Circles in the National Championships.

***practice times for summer 8:30am - 11am***



3rd - 6th grade girls

Winter Camp

Dec 27th - 31st

9am - 12pm

Spring Camp

April 4th - 8th

9am - 12pm



3rd - 6th grade girls

September 7th - December 21st



Learn the Circles coaching system and build a solid beach volleyball foundation right from the start! These young players will be taught the skills of volleyball while also getting fitness, nutrition, and yoga training.


CIF Prep Program 

High school girls

January 10th - March 10th

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays


This program is geared to prepare athletes to make their HS Beach Volleyball team. Program includes; fitness, biomechanics, drills, statistics, and yoga.


Spring Ball

Jr, High/High School girls 

March 14th - May 20th

Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

4pm - 6:30pm

This is a great program to keep your skills sharp during high CIF season and get ready for beach summer season!