Circles is a holistic club for junior high and high school girls who love beach volleyball and are committed to reaching their potential. With over 10,000 hours coaching and an exercise science degree, Chris Law has designed the club so that each player can achieve maximal growth as a student of the game. And with a smaller club size each player receives significant personal coaching in the areas of biomechanics, fitness, nutrition, and yoga while being in a positive, focused, and fun culture.

In addition to providing success in volleyball, these principles set a foundation for every aspect of a player's life. Circles is more than just a beach volleyball club - we are an academy for the game of life.



Our bodies are built from the food we eat and our thoughts and emotions are affected as well. So that the athletes may play optimally, we train them how to eat and hydrate at practice and tournaments.

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The clubs built in fitness program keeps the girls in shape year round. And it's periodized to optimize performance for competition. 

Yoga Mats


The club practices yoga several times per week at the end of practice to develop their connection with movement and breath. The poses are specific for the needs of a beach volleyball player.

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Focusing on the mechanics of each skill empowers athletes by showing them that they have control over the outcome of their performance. And with Circles own system of specialized verbal cues called mantras, video analysis feedback, and consistent mechanical coaching, each player is given a clear road map towards optimal individual growth.  




Checks payable to Circles 

or Venmo @Chris-law-11




Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4-6:30 pm

North Beach, Del Mar




August 9th - 13th

January 3rd - 7th


  • Team environment for individual development

  • Biomechanics based coaching  

  • Fitness training 

  • Yoga to prevent injury and improve flexibility

  • Nutritional counseling 

  • Holistic approach to sport